Debt - can lead to bankruptcy

Do you believe in magic? There is a very effective magic phrase that will keep you out of debt (thus out of bankruptcy), allow you to pay off all of your current debt (debt relief), and even allow you to start saving and investing money. There is one big catch (of course): only the very, very strongest people can actually utter this magic phrase. That eliminates about 99% of the population.
Hopefully you are in the strong and successful 1%!
Are you ready?
Here it is the magic phrase: "NO".
Let me show you how that magic phrase works, then let's see if you are in the 1% who can even utter that word.

Let's say you have $100 for groceries and gas for the week. You need every bit of that $100 to last through the week.

1) Your buddies say, "Hey, let's go out for happy hour tonight!" You really want to go and have a great time, but it will use up a good portion of your grocery money if you do. Can you say NO? "Sorry, I can't this time - maybe next time." Or do you go...then have to use your credit card to buy food, gas, and necessities the rest of the week.

2) There is a $250 product you are just DYING to have. You can't stop thinking about it, everyone else has it, and you can't even go to sleep without dreaming about it. Can you say NO? Or do you rush out and buy it on a credit card (if you can find one that's not maxed out).

3) You don't feel like cooking this week - you'd rather eat out at your favorite restaurant every night. However, the $100 won't even stretch more than 2-3 meals. Can you say NO? Or do you grab your car keys, head to the restaurant, and indulge yourself in food and drinks?

Do you need any other examples? Successful people say NO to any temptations that will cause them to go into debt. They use the money they've earned to purchase ONLY what they can - and nothing else. This is one way they stay out of personal bankruptcy. In the example above, they fill up their car with gas for the week, use most of the rest to buy groceries that will stretch all week, and save a little money to have on hand. I already warned you: 99% of the population cannot utter the simple, 2-letter word "no". They only know how to indulge themselves constantly...and ignore the fact that they are going further and further in debt with every bad decision.

Try it: see if you can actually live on what you make. Pay all of your bills (on time), purchase only the necessities, and say NO to everything you can't buy with the money you earn. See if you can even save a little money. If you do this regularly, the chains of debt choking you will start snapping off, and eventually you will be completely free. You will also discover the unthinkable fact that living within your means will make you happier than indulging yourself constantly and sinking into the pit of debt (thus no debt relief for you).
It's up to you.
If you want to be happy and free, then before every financial decision, think hard and use that magic word NO as often as you can!